Happy Mothers Day

tara 5Thank you to my daughters who try so hard to show how much they love me. What beautiful mothers you are, you have outshone me.

Mum! if I could be with you I would give you the most beautiful day and treat you like a Queen. Days like today I miss you so much.

My Sons
Just because you ignore me
Or forget me
Doesn’t make me any less your mother
I hold you in my heart
I dream about you
Nobody can take away the memory of each of you in my arms.
The first cry,
The laughter you gave me,
The tears.
You are as real to me now as you ever were.
You are my sons forever
I am your mother,
Doesn’t depend upon what you say
Or if you never come back.

Happy Mothers Day
To my three sons.
Thank you for being my children and giving me the opportunity to learn what true love and sacrifice is about.

715To my ‘ABBA Father’ Thank you that when I have no one to hold, none to comfort me, nobody who understands, I can run into your loving embrace, you are closer than a mother, a brother a lover.

I wouldn’t be able to face life without you.
Thank you for using my children to teach me how my actions toward you have hurt your loving heart.
Teach me to love better, live better and while your teaching me, please heal the wounds, repair the breach.
Unto Him who is able, I say
“Amen! Hallelujah”.

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