Measure for measure

“I am the worlds messiest cook!”

Well at least that’s what my family would say.  I am improving a little in my old age, but the problem is that I start of on one tangent and then head off on another and I do it while cooking.

I’m a bit of this, and a dash of that, type of cook.  I might begin on a few overripe bananas to make muffins but it soon becomes four courses at least.  The good thing is I can freeze it all but it is exhausting.  I usually end up giving a lot of it away but I have an aversion to throwing anything out so, it has to be re created or used in some way shape or form.

I have learned over time to wear an apron, sometimes I forget.  Years of ruining good blouses or staining outfits, has taught me to cover up on a cooking day.The long long trailer

I’m not a chef and I can’t say I got it from my mother, she wasn’t a great cook.  as a matter of fact, when a new baby was coming in our home my children would say.”who will take care of us while you are in the hospital?” they adored their Nanna but would groan when told it would be her, they would moan “oh she burns everything!”.  But I think I have a gift if you would like to call it that.  For turning nothing much in a pantry, into something halfway decent!

The only problem is, it is hard to re-create my  masterpieces. I don’t take notes, and I don’t take measurements.  on the few occasions I follow recipes I end up with a botch job.  for the most part I taste something and think

” I can make that”.

I seem to see the ‘loaves and the fishes’ these days, perhaps because I don’t have ravenous teenagers around the table anymore, or perhaps its just that I have learned a thing or two.  I end up with leftovers upon leftovers.

My style is not everyone’s, and with the wealth of cooking programs on TV these day’s it would be considered rather ordinary.  Gourmet food seems to be the rage.  I might like the look of some of it, and I am sure the dishes are delicious,  but I see an awful lot of waste, very little on a plate and overpriced decorative piles in the middle of huge white platters. My frugal budgeting of the past sees only dollar signs.

So whats the point of this blog? no idea.

 It keeps me out of the kitchen, so the dishes aren’t piling up.

Hubby is a sweetie really, he cleans up behind me and always says the same thing, “It’s worth it when you cook me yummy things”.  I think he means it, he doesn’t appear to mind the dishes, but I feel bad. I use so many utensils, pots and pans, I have too many projects going all at the same time.  I use every bench and spread out in all directions. It’s fortunate for him I don’t own a food processor, mincer, deep fryer, and other contraptions which would add to this mountain. For  two years we  had a dishwasher,  it did assist somewhat to alleviate his suffering.


To be honest this photo is tame compared to my kitchen on cook up days.

Well, thats it for now. I feel a recipe coming on.

photo courtesy of by Brian Kyusher  Feb 27, 2014

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