What on earth are we doing?

adventure bookSo, here we go again!

We said we were done with moving almost three years ago. Got a nice tidy unit and planted a few shrubs. Now we are on the road again. Last time we had to pack our whole life into a caravan. It was hard to downsize then, but this time! we are in a sedan. We don’t know why, or where exactly, but we know we are going.

Keys are handed back, piano has gone to the grandkids. First stop, house sitting. We are excited and nervous all at the same time. We have been seeking God for a long time on our future, and all we know is, that September means the end of many things for us, one being the winding up of our studies which at our age we hopefully can use along the way or find suitable employment.  If not, God has a plan, so we are learning to trust Him more than ever before.

I had moments of doubt, was this from Him?, is it right to do this when I have family and grandkids, people who say they want me around?  I opened my Bible one morning and came to Matthew 6:25, this has been dear to me since a teenager.  I was not a strong Christian back then and was very ignorant of the Bible. However this scripture always stood out to me that Jesus said not to worry about your life, and he takes care of the animals so of course, why wouldn’t he take care of me. 

Ok so you think by now, you are crazy, well maybe! but I opened another Bible that day at the same verse and my reading from Spurgeon backed it up, more than three times throughout that day I drew comfort from other things God revealed to me in His word.worry

You see both of us are not super fit, we have many issues ongoing, we have no home to come back to, and we are over 50, I am not saying how much over though.  

All I know is, He has never let us down! and though we sometimes have run ahead of Him and tried to do His work, in our own strength, He has always taken care of us.

So for the moment its into the unknown, and I am glad that with God the journey never ends.  If nothing else is gained from this, we will meet a lot of people, show by example to our children and grandchildren, that we believe God is real, and we can trust Him in good times and in bad.  I know there is something for us to do along the way, what it is He hasn’t yet revealed. I know it’s not a holiday as such, but He is always with us wherever we go, and just as Abraham and Sarah set out into the unknown by faith, so will we.courtesy PIXAR Wiki. 

...to be continued.

Reposted April 2015.

photo courtesy of Disney©

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