The good the bad and the ugly

laundryPosted on March 13, 2014

 Technology is great! or is it?

I admit it! I am proud and a bigot.  When it comes to digital technology I have been a digital racist (is there such a thing?) if there is, I am it.  I refused to learn all the social media and other things out there, because once bitten twice shy.  I have had a Facebook account, once.  It didn’t last long.

According to (Prensky, 2001) I am most definitely a digital immigrant.

My head is spinning from how much technology I am expected to know. The more I learn the less I know.

I think that’s the best way to put it.

I am always learning, and consider it a way to keep my grey matter functioning.  I am curious by nature so have to limit the amount of ‘surfing’ that I do.  The internet opens one window which leads to many others and it appears endless the roads you can take with the merest click of a mouse.

Technology can be a wonderful thing, especially for those who have struggled all their lives to find an outlet for learning.  For those who didn’t enjoy reading the need to be able to read to put together games and graphics has certainly inspired many to excel where school couldn’t reach them.

For the physically challenged there is more available to make life accessible. Those confined to beds or shut in, the ones who aren’t confident in society can now have a voice.  It brings the world to us, and can put us on show where we would never have had opportunity before.  Facebook,Skype,Viber , FaceTime and so many new and interesting platforms are making it possible for people to see family and friends wherever in the world they are.

Cyber bullying through family members,  airing dirty laundry online, some of the things I disliked. It really is, in your face! and one of the reasons I dislike Facebook.

You only have to watch talk shows like Insight (SBS) or Q&A, to see that kids are having a say, and interacting with people we would not have had access to before.  Politicians and world changers can be accessed quickly and make decisions based on what the populous is saying.

However young people today need us to speak their language and many schools are now opting to meet them where they are at.  To protect them we need to understand digital security. Education has many forms and one is to teach young people how to treat others. Bullying is always unacceptable no matter the form it takes


For all the advances we have made, there is a downside.  Anything can be open to corruption and abuse.  Hackers, spammers and cyber bullies can make life miserable. Worms, viruses and other nasty bugs are not just a thing for the natural world.

 Most of us know the expense of a crashed computer, lost files, and for some, possibly a stolen identity. I personally watched my daughter suffer cyber bullying through high school on her mobile, to the point of death threats. To this end I guess I refused it point-blank.

The family unit already at risk, of losing the ability to communicate face to face, working families and fast food made it harder for us from the 70’s onward to sit at table together. Most conversation was already on the point of collapse.  

Facebook seems to have made it more possible for us to chat, and twitter means a faster less wordy way to keep up to date and let others know your movements,  yet there still seems to be little relax time, chilling if you like, in the company of others.  I prefer a good old bellylaugh in a room full of people to a smiley face emoticon and LOL or ROFL attached. 

Have you sat in a room with a friend or loved one, in silence, while they texted or read  posts or messages on the mobile?  Just the other day I was amazed when having dinner with a couple in the over 50’s bracket a tad shy of my age LOL, who told us that they visited their adult children in their mid 20’s on a one-off visit which were few and far between.  They left them sitting there alone while they went of to chase demons on Pokemon Go.  Call it a generational gap or whatever you like but sadly I am never going to have the relationships with my children that we had with our

I personally am grateful for Skype, and Viber, as they are the only means I have of seeing my grandchildren and family spread around the country and overseas.  I know I am not the only one left, however I still write letters snail mail on occasion and also add photographs into the envelope.  I guess I am not the only one as Post Australia is still in operation.

Facebook I am not as enamoured with. I tried it a couple of times and have to say I had more people adding me than talking to me.  So I guess they add you to see your photo albums, catch up on where you are at since primary school then move on.

Sadly people are lonelier than ever. , funny look at facebook  worth a look.

Digital etiquette and digital security both ought to be taught at school, And in the workplace.

Things are different nowadays



It’s mind-boggling the capabilities, and for someone from my time, its more than we imagined possible, Sci-fi never inspired our imaginations the way technology is doing today.

Caution is definitely needed nonetheless, as it is easily abused and we need to keep up, so as to stay protected. How do we keep on top of this rapidly changing technology? I have no idea. But I won’t use what I haven’t as yet grasped, and I keep my settings very private.  I don’t put too much information about myself out there either, lets face it, if there is someone who wants to know that much about me they should be able to contact me personally for it.Image result for no resistance

I am curious, but not consumed with technology.  For the most part it was thrust upon most of us in my age group.  I was the one who didn’t want to hand over my passbook for a plastic thing I stick in a wall to get cash.  I have resisted as far as possible, but in the end …


You know it, LOL!


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