Jehovah Jireh

Peter had fished all night. Try over there. O but Lord we toiled all night.

Abundance, provision andso much more.

I was amazed this morning as it was I believe revealed to me that God’s blessings go in every direction.

Think for a minute, what comes to mind. Boats almost sinking, nets tearing, and great heavy loads of fish piled up on the shore.

Have you had thoughts like ,what a waste, pee eww that’s gonna smell bad. So on.

Think again of Peter James and john Andrew and others the Lord requires them to leave their nets and follow him.

Problem, they have wives families mothers sisters etc.

Is it possible there happened to be something big on in the city that day and they would find a demand for much fish? Get good price? Perhaps less reinstate packed many in say barrels for later consumption and sale?

Peters wife was not the breadwinner but it seems to me Jesus has just provided more than enough income for this village to sustain them all in the absence of the I often used to think I wouldn’t be happy if that happened to me.

I imagine the whole fishing community were abuzz this day and can picture Peter saying to his wife he has to get,and her pushing him out the door ” go,go..”Jesus gives them a job to do and comforts the families with a clear demonstration that it will be ok.

Obviously these men were at home at times with Jesus and enjoying family fellowship and would have been back and forth. But the time would come when they were dispersed to “catch men” as Jesus put it.

This is not prosperity gospel, this is God clearly showing how he provides for his workers. If the Lord builds the house he provides all.

Look back further to the wise men, they bought gifts and we can think on all legends and spiritual symbolism there,however I believe that God was providing for a time immediately following this visit, for Joseph, not much spoken of but serving in his own role. These gifts had to provide for a swift exile for the three to Egypt. Before God even sent the messenger to tell Joseph get out of town,head Madea way. Remember Joseph also had to leave everything behind his carpentery business ,his home,his relatives to go to a land and find housing work and so on. How amazing is God.

thinking upon this thought